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Everything we see is moving at a phenomenal speed. We don’t feel it or see it because we are also moving at the same relative speed through space and time.


What would we see if we weren’t?


Rejecting the traditional photographic practice of representing reality as we see it, I have set out to explore a new truth in imagery. Photographs only represent how a camera interprets a scene in a fraction of time and only within the limits of its focal and dynamic range as well as the relative positioning of camera and subject.


I have tried to remove these restrictions to create a departure from reality by eschewing the constraints of old techniques and instead creating new visions exploring relativity, time, light, texture and tonal relationships whilst retaining compositional elements and form.


Working exclusively in the digital format, I use various in-camera techniques to capture scenery and still-life creating abstract almost painting-like images rather than the literal representations more commonly attributed to photographic art.


The resulting work is a representation of the unseen, a recontextualised relative reality and a new truth in its own right.


Lee Gilby 2018.


For any interest in sales of prints or licensing the images for your project, please contact me using the form below.

I will be updating the site with a sales page soon, watch this space...


I am always looking for representation and would be interested to work with galleries at home or overseas-please contact me with your ideas.  


For any enquiries, to comment on my work or just to say hi, please use the form below.

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